Amazing cart abandonment emails: Top 8 Examples

Amazing cart abandonment emails: Top 8 Examples


Amazing cart abandonment emails: Top 8 Examples

Shopping cart abandonment is a big issue. Studies prove that shopping cart abandonment rates continue to increase. So let’s dive into some great examples of cart abandonment emails!

According to Business Insider, the average value of total abandoned carts is reaching 4 trillion dollars worth of merchandise.


In case you run an eCommerce shop, it’s extremely important to treat cart abandonment issues seriously. If you want to recover plenty of your lost sales, read more about how to create an ideal shopping cart abandonment email here.

Now let’s dive into some great examples of cart abandonment emails that really work!

1) Warby Parker

Warby Parker maintains their hip brand voice in this cart abandonment email. They also take the opportunity to assuage the customer’s doubts with the risk-free returns policy.

Cart abandonment 2

2) Net-A-Porter

Sometimes a gentle nudge is all that’s needed to convert the abandoned cart. Showing reasons to order from your store also doesn’t hurt.

Cart abandonment 5

3) Bonobos

Bonobos always incorporates great copywriting, and this email is no exception – a humorous image combined with a direct call-to-action, as well as a supporting CTA to contact support with any questions.

Cart abandonment 4

4) Toms

Toms makes use of urgency to drive the purchase.

Cart abandonment 3 Cart abandonment 4 b

5) Bloomingdale’s

Another example of urgency / scarcity. Also, great styling of the fonts and email.

Cart abandonment 1

Cart abandonment 1b

6) Staples

Conversational, simple, and to the point.

Cart abandonment 6

7) Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal makes the font irresistibly beautiful so that you want to click on the “complete your order” button. Sometimes it’s good to be a bit nasty.

Cart abandonment 7

8) Uncommon Goods

Again, an emphasis placed on scarcity, which fits well with the limited supply products Uncommon Goods sells.

Cart abandonment 8

9) Starbucks

Clever use of imagery to support the text.

Cart abandonment 9

10) Sephora

Simple yet effective copy by Sephora. Don’t waste the time of your subscribers, get right down to business. Showcase your USP’s.

Cart abandonment 10

11) Adidas

Know your target audience and appeal to something that is of great importance for them. Like in the Adidas’ copy: “We know you hate to lose. Anything”.

Cart abandonment 11

12) Panasonic

Panasonic takes the urgency play to the next level with the imagery of the clock along with the exact time of cart expiration.

Cart abandonment 12

13) Shutterfly

Urgency, eye-catching colors, and a discount all help create an effective cart abandonment email.

Cart abandonment 13 aCart abandonment 13 b

14) LOFT

A bit of cheekiness can work sometimes. Just be careful not to overstep.

Cart abandonment 14

15) The Land of Nod

The Land of Nord’s email stands out from the crowd using a conversational style of writing. A bit of light humor works too.

Cart abandonment 15

16) Nordstrom

Interesting take by Nordstrom here with the eye-catching ink title with simplistic copy.

Cart abandonment 16

Cart abandonment 16 b

17) Banana Republic

First name personalization in this example from Banana Republic.

Cart abandonment 17

18) Serena & Lily

This last one combines the urgency/scarcity component along with the USP’s and easing the consumer’s doubts with the return and shipping policies.



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