Interviewee Guidebook

Applying for a job doesn't have to be that stressful! That's why we created this guidebook to help you with the whole process.
When you are applying for a certain job, more often than not, it becomes a very stressful process. There are so many questions that come up once you decide to apply somewhere: What should I write in my CV? Should I put my picture or not? Where is the apply button? Here, I sent my CV… Now, what?

At Essence of Email, we really do try to make this process as easy as possible, and as stress-free as possible. That's why we created this guidebook that we hope will help you ease off the whole process so that once it's done, you will know you've done all that was necessary.
Hiring Process
We'll explain in a few steps what you need to do before you apply, and what happens next once you send us your CV. We'll also try to answer all the frequently asked questions, and even some that you might want to ask but wouldn't know who to ask exactly.
Create your CV
Attend the Screening Interview
Complete the Test Assignment
Attend the Structured Interview
Attend the Interview with the Management
Create your CV
Nowadays, we have so many online CV templates that can help us create them easily, and you should not be afraid to use them. A nice-looking CV is something that will earn you bonus points when applying for a job. But, don't be afraid to explore the templates and use the ones you find on page 7, rather than the first template you come across.
When it comes to what to write in your CV, it's important not to try to over-sell yourself. Even though you might have extensive working experience and so many courses you've taken, try to be concise and mention only the things which are relevant for the position you are applying for. You don't have to mention all the things you did in your previous jobs, just write briefly about some of the most essential duties you had. And, don't worry, you'll get the opportunity to talk about additional things during the upcoming interviews.
As for having a photo in your CV, that's a nice thing to have, but it's not mandatory. However, if you have a professional and nice-looking photo, we'd love to see it! And if not, here's a tip or two on how to make one yourself.
When it comes to taking the photo, a neutral background would be best, such as a white wall. Try to avoid selfies if you can, and have a friend or a relative take a picture of you. No need for fancy photo equipment, your mobile phone will work just fine. And remember to smile!
Oh, and don't forget to write your CV in English, as only those will be taken into consideration!
After finishing your CV, you'll be ready to apply. Just find the "APPLY NOW" button on our website, and it will lead you to a form you'll need to fill out. Answer a few questions, attach your CV, and that's it!
Screening Interview
Once one of the members of our Talent Acquisition team reviews your application, you will be invited to a Screening Interview. This interview usually lasts for 30 minutes, and we'll try to find out something more about you here. The interview will also be the perfect place for you to ask any of the questions you might have.
Another important thing to mention is that we have this interview with our cameras off! Yes, you read it right. We think that what you say is more important than how you look, so you won't have to worry about your hair and dress code.
Zoom is the video conferencing platform we use for the interviews. You're probably familiar with it by now, but if not, no worries, we've got you covered!

You can use Zoom on both your computer and your phone, but your Internet connection is usually more stable if you use a computer. Not only that, but you can either download the app or just use it through your browser, and here is a helpful guide on how to join a Zoom meeting. If you're still not sure how to do it, you can watch this video as well!

If you decide to install the Zoom app on your computer, here is a helpful guide on how to navigate your meeting room.

If you decide to use Zoom on your phone, here is a helpful video on how to navigate it on your phone!

We're working on a tight schedule, so it would be really helpful to come to the interview as prepared as possible. So please make sure to test your audio as well before joining the meeting, as it will save us a lot of time. I mean, isn't it better to spend the interview chatting and getting to know you, instead of trying to fix technical issues? That's why we'll leave these two helpful guides as well - Testing audio before Zoom Meetings and My audio is not working on iOS or Android.
Test Assignment
If you pass the Screening Interview successfully, you will be invited for a Test Assignment. Although it might sound difficult, it really isn't. We made sure we have a detailed explanation of what you should do in the test assignment. It doesn't only help us see whether you are the right fit for the role, it also helps you see whether the role is the right fit for you. Through this test assignment, you will get a glimpse of what you would be doing in the role you applied for and decide for yourself if that's your cup of tea or not!
Structured Interview
The Structured Interview will happen after you pass the test assignment successfully. These interviews are a bit longer and can last for an hour to an hour and a half. Two members of the Talent Management team will always be in this interview, and sometimes other team members also might join. One of them will lead the interview, while the rest of them will be listening to your story.
If you're wondering who those additional team members might be, well, it actually depends on the role you applied for. For a more senior role, our Managing Director will join the call and even lead some of those. As for the other roles, depending on the team the role belongs to, you can expect a Team Leader to join so that they can evaluate right there on the spot if you're the right person for the team.
Meet our Talent Management Team and our Managing Director!
  • Miljana Adamovic
    Talent Acquisition Lead
  • Milica Cvorovic
    Talend Management Lead
  • Heath Weaver
    Managing Director
The structure of the interview is such that it follows a template that has different questions which cover your educational background and working experience. None of those questions will be tricky ones, as we just want to find out more about you and your previous successes, accomplishments, goals, and such. Other team members might also ask some additional questions as well, just to make sure we find out as much as possible about you!
These interviews are also held with our cameras off. If you are applying for a more senior role (such as Team Leader for example), then you will be talking to our Managing Director directly, and he prefers to have the interviews with the cameras on. The structure and the length of the interview stay the same, the only difference is that we'll see you during this interview.
Since this interview also needs to be sent for review, that can sometimes take up to 14 days. We do try to do things as fast as possible, and if we feel like we're the right match, you can expect someone from the Talent Management team to let you know the results even sooner!
Interview with the Managment
Sometimes it might happen that an additional interview with the Management is scheduled. These interviews are not a must, but they can happen if, for example, you would like to further discuss your offer, or if the Management has some additional questions that weren't previously discussed.
All of this might sound like a lot now, but remember that it doesn't happen all at once.
And, as a final tip, we'd like to tell you to just relax, be yourself and enjoy the process.

We're looking forward to meeting you!