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Location and hours
Remote Internship

Essence of Email has been a remote company from the start. Utilizing online apps for task management and time tracking, while supporting our team members with clear procedures on every working process, we have been running a successful remote team for over 7 years.

Same goes for you - whether you're working on your internship assignments next to your purring cat or an exotic beach, you have the flexibility to organize yourself however you want to as long as it's within the previously agreed hours.

Internship Hours: Monday to Friday, depending on your availability and the department where you will be placed in, it can be during the timeframe from 10:00 to 21:00 CET

Perks and Benefits
  • Remote Company, International Team
    Although our headquarters are in Texas, all employees actually work remotely from the coziness of their own home, sparing time on commuting.

    We are a team of people with diverse backgrounds, and you'll get to meet a lot of experienced people that will walk you through how they do their everyday work. This experience can be valuable for you in choosing your career path in the future.

  • Paid internship
    While the internship is paid, you won't get a full salary, since the internship will last a few weeks. What we can promise is that we'll feed your curiosity and help you out in getting experience in an area that you would like to try out and see if it's the right fit for you.

    You'll also meet a lot of people, connect with them and have a lot of fun in a unique remote environment.

  • Certificate of completion
    Our experienced designers have crafted a certificate that you'll receive at the end of the internship, as a proof of completion, as well as a memory of the experience in Essence of Email.
  • Future opportunities
    After the completion of internship, as soon as an opportunity arises that fits your interest and skills, we'll consider you for open positions in our company. You'll be in our talent pool, and we'll prioritize your interest in open opportunities.
Selection Process Steps
In the application form, you will be able to submit your resume and answer questions that will give us a better overview of your background.

Please note that only applications in English will be taken into consideration.
As a part of the selection process, we also include tasks or tests.

Tasks are not difficult, and they are intended to test the level of certain skills needed for the internship.
Half-Structured Interview
What is a half-structured interview? That means that a part of the interview follows a predetermined structure, and the other part is reserved for free talk, as well as getting to know you better.
If the half-structured interview is successful, we sign a temporary contract, and the internship starts in a matter of a few days.
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Candidate Questionnaire and Application Form
Please, fill in this questionnaire and make sure to upload your CV in English. An application without a CV attached will not be taken into consideration.
What is your English knowledge level?
Which area would you like to explore during your internship?
Kindly upload your CV.
Legal Compliance
Please note that we will not be able to process your application until we have received your consent for storing and processing of your personal data, in accordance with the European Union and the local legal provision. If, at any point, you no longer wish to be a part of Essence of Email database, you can always send us your request for deletion to [email protected].