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About Essence of Email

We build innovative email marketing programs to help eCommerce brands sell repeatedly. With over 6 years of experience and 200+ happy clients in the USA, Canada, and Australia, we have the data, the experience, and the team to execute the most lucrative email marketing strategy to help brands grow. 

Although our headquarters are in Texas, all employees work remotely from the coziness of their own home, saving time on commuting.

About the Job

At Essence of Email, the designer is primarily responsible for generating high-quality design assets for our Operations and Marketing Team. The work of our company is focused on producing emails, thus the designer will spend most of his or her time creating hero & banner images for emails. However, producing hero and banner images can never get boring since our clients’ industries are quite diverse. Besides that, everyday tasks include working on various assets for promotional purposes of our company.

What Does the Graphic Designer Do?

These are some specific responsibilities:

  • Creates graphic assets for client email campaigns & initiatives
  • Designs creative assets to support our Marketing department
  • Proposes graphic design solutions for our website.


  • Excellent knowledge of Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator or other graphic design programs
  • Good to excellent knowledge of Adobe After Effects
  • Fluent English
  • Experience of working on several clients from different industries at the same time
  • Willingness to learn new things
  • Ability to organize and work independently
  • Capacity to work well under on-demand conditions
  • Previous work in a marketing agency is a plus.

Required Competencies:

Creativity, Resourcefulness, Self-Awareness/Feedback, Customer Focus, Excellence, Experience, and Being a Team Player. 

Location and Hours

Remote Job Post

Essence of Email has been a remote company from the start. Utilizing online apps for task management and time tracking, and supporting our employees with clear procedures on every working process, we have been running a successful remote team for over 6 years. Whether you’re working next to your purring cat or on an exotic beach, you have the flexibility to work wherever, as long as it’s within your position’s mandatory working hours.

Working Hours: Monday to Friday, 13:00 – 21:00 CET.

Perks and Benefits

Remote Company, International Team

Although our headquarters are in Texas, all employees actually work remotely from the coziness of their own home, saving time on commuting. We are a team of people with diverse backgrounds, and employees are empowered by cooperating with international professionals.

Learning Opportunities

We pride ourselves on our constant will to learn and develop. Starting from day one, you will have different types of training that will help you excel in your role. 

Our team levels up their game through training and useful practice examples. And the best thing? It’s a part of your everyday work!

Vacation Plan

Although we work remotely, we are aware that days off are important for mental health. This is why we established a great days-off plan granting you 18 days for national holidays and personal use, and up to 25 vacation days, making up a total of 43 days off per year.

What Happens Next


In the application form, you will be able to submit your resume and answer questions that will give us a better overview of your background. Please note that only applications in English will be taken into consideration.

The HR team will go through all the applications and pick candidates that fit the profile. Those candidates will be called in for the screening interview.


Screening Interview

The first interview will be with someone from our HR team. During this call, the person from HR will provide you with more detailed information regarding the company and the position.

Make sure to ask all the questions you might have – this call is the place for it!


For certain positions, we also include tasks or tests as a part of the selection process. You will be informed about all the details by the HR team. Tasks are not difficult and aim to test the level of certain skills for different job positions.

Structured Interview

After the Screening Interview and a successfully finished task, a longer interview takes place as a next step. There are 2 interviewers present on this call and it is usually about 1 to 1.5 hours long. During the Structured Interview, we dive deeper into the experiences you’ve had so far regarding your education and work experience. 

Interview with the Management

After the Structured Interview, the next step is a call with the rest of the management, after which the final decision will be reached. Depending on the position, there could be one or more interviews with the management.



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