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Working as a freelance Copywriter has many of its perks, the most important one being your own boss when it comes to when and how much you’re working. Yes, we can all agree on that. But not many people are talking about what happens before you find that perfect job where you can showcase your amazing writing skills.

That’s why we decided that this page shouldn’t be just another job opportunity page with an apply button. It will be more!

So let’s not waste another minute. Let’s read on!

Essence of Email, an Email Marketing Agency

Essence of Email is a marketing agency that focuses on eCommerce. We build innovative email marketing programs to help eCommerce brands grow repeat customers. Our team is a group of resourceful, reliable, and results-driven email marketing experts with a common vision to help companies everywhere maximize their customer lifetime value. You can find more information about us on our website:
What does it mean to be a Freelance Copywriter at Essence of Email?
Glad that you asked!
As an email marketing agency, we help different E-commerce brands become more successful. We do it by providing a variety of services, one of which is crafting engaging copies for different email assets. And that’s where you come in!

We often need 15-25 copies per week, and we need your help to create them. And don’t worry, we don’t just expect you to know how to do it right away! We made sure there are lots of helpful Manuals and brand guidelines that can help you deliver the best possible copies.

And if you’re wondering what industries our clients do business in and what niche you’ll be writing for, those are shown in the icons on the right.
  • Health and Wellness
  • Beauty and Cosmetics
  • Food
  • Home Decoration & Furniture
  • Automotive Industry
  • Fishing

What are email assets, and how should you write them?

Email assets that need to be created are email campaign and automation copies (flows), and an SMS copy.

Now that you understand who we are, what we do, it’s time for you to find out how you can help us do it!
What will you be working on?

If you decide this opportunity is just the one for you, you’ll be working on these:

Producing copy assets for client campaigns, automated emails (flows), and SMS
Editing copies according to our Quality Assurance Specialists’ feedback
Conducting research in order to understand clients’ needs and target audiences, resulting in on-brand copy

Sounds great, right?

And if you’re wondering what we’re looking for in a candidate when it comes to this role, read about it below!
Must-haves and nice-to-haves:

  • Bachelor's degree in English
  • Excellent writing skills with a demonstrated experience in writing for the American market
  • Previous experience in working as a Copywriter for a minimum of one year working as a Copy Editor will also be considered an advantage
  • Previous experience in writing for email marketing purposes, especially related to the industries mentioned above
  • Ability to write between 3 and 5 copies a day, or 15 to 25 copies per week, bearing in mind that not all the copies are full-length writing an SMS copy takes much less time than writing an email campaign copy
Finally, this is how we imagine a person working in this role to be when it comes to their skills and abilities.
You are someone who:

  • Is creative, imaginative, and able to adapt quickly to diverse client needs and audiences
  • Has a knack for understanding brand and tone of voice, and applies these to all strategies and creative content
  • Is diligent and conscientious — you like to take your time when writing and reviewing your work, making sure it’s of the highest quality and delivered on time
  • Has strong research skills with the ability to interpret copywriting briefs quickly
  • Is receptive to feedback with a strong will to improve the copy and exceed client expectations
Now that you’ve found yourself nodding your head while reading all of the above and feeling like we were describing you, it’s time to find out about the perks of being a part of our team!
What we offer:

    $14 for a themed campaign with a long copy (over 1000 words)

  • $12 for a regular campaign (around 500 words)

  • $6 for a themed campaign with a short copy (under 300 words)

  • $4 for an extremely short copy (under 50 words)

  • Onboarding training for successful integration to the company’s processes
  • Daily communication with our Quality Assurance Specialists and their constant support and help
What happens next?

With all of it being said, we prepared another surprise for you!

Once you apply for the role, we will review your application, and if you meet our requirements, you will be invited to a paid test project!

How great is that???

We are aware that by being a freelancer, you have many clients, so we want to reward you if you decide that we can become a part of your client list. The test itself will look at your writing skills, especially relevant to the campaign idea, your adherence to the brand guidelines, and your overall ability to fit into and work within our structure.

And just like that, our journey together has come to an end… Or has it?

Not yet! We have one more thing left for you to do, and that is to APPLY!

The button below will lead you to a form that you need to fill out so that we can review your application. It’s very easy to fill in, and it takes just a few minutes to do so.

We’re looking forward to meeting you!