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Will Email Be a Relevant Marketing Channel in 2019?

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Have you ever thought that all the new channels & tactics will replace the good old email? The answer to both of your questions is no and no! Here you can find out about the importance of email marketing and why it will remain one of the top-performing marketing channels in 2019.

The Importance of Email

The approximate number of email users in 2018 is 3.8 billion and by the end of 2022, it’s expected to grow over 4.2 billion.  This means that more than half of the worldwide population is using email, which makes it the most omnipresent and universal form of virtual communication.

We use our email for everything! Registering any account on the Internet requires having an email address. This gives a huge opportunity for businesses to reach a great number of the target audience and use email marketing methods to engage and retain lifetime customers.

Therefore, to build valuable relationships while promoting your products, increase your brand awareness, and share customer-engaging content, keep email marketing at the top of your next year’s strategy. 

Here’s why email marketing will continue to deliver exceptional results in 2019, too.

1. Inexpensive Tool with High ROI Rate

Email marketing is a cost-effective tool no matter how big your marketing budget is. Even though you will probably need to hire someone to do the marketing campaign for you, those costs are significantly lower than buying an ad space or implementing some traditional marketing methods.

Besides the advantage of the relatively low expenses, email marketing generates a high ROI. The average ROI is 3,800% which is $38 for every $1 spent on email marketing. Incorporating strategies like segmentation and personalization helps delivering better results.

2. Easy to Increase Response Rates with Personalized Content

Digital consumers prefer personalized offers instead of just being offered ads for the same products as everyone else. Email hyper-personalization is expected to become a necessity. People are most likely to respond to an email compatible with their needs and preferences.

An email marketing channel is the right one when it comes to getting personal with your audience. Use the data you’ve collected from your subscribers’ online behavior, interests, or past purchases to create tailored and relevant emails that are hard to be ignored. Personalizing through email will certainly boost your click through and open rates.

3. Email Remains Effective for Reaching Mobile Consumers

The number of mobile phone users is expected to exceed five billion through the next year. Approximately 70% of emails are opened from smartphones or tablets. This means that if you’re trying to keep up with the competition – mobile responsiveness is a must. It is also a great asset to encourage engagement and conversion, considering your target audience is so easy to be reached.

Despite this, there are still companies who fail to optimize their content for efficient mobile use. Make sure that your emails will provide full functionality on all platforms besides the desktop. Not all marketing strategies are suitable for mobile phones, so consider email as a top choice for reaching your customers.

4. Email Automation Saves Precious Time

Email automation is a process of sending emails automatically by your email service provider, as a result of your subscriber’s actions on your site. You give instructions about when and what email is to be sent by responding to triggers and workflows.

For example, welcoming new users, sending special offers to customers who were looking at a particular product, reminders to customers who left an item in their cart, sending confirmation for completed services, etc.
Email automation is way more effective than creating and sending emails by yourself in the estimated time.

Automation does not only improve your campaigns’ relevance, but it also helps in saving money and lots of time.

5. Interactive Content Engages Your Customers

Interactive marketing content will have a higher response rate in the following years. Email marketing offers opportunity to deliver interactive content at significantly lower costs than the other marketing channels. Instead of directly leading your customers to your landing page, you can apply different types of interactivity to allure the viewer’s attention in interacting within your email. Swiping, tapping, email carousels, videos and plenty of other stuff, keeps your viewers engaged and interested, which results in a higher click-through rate (CTR).

interactive content
Another effective strategy you can use in your interactive campaigns is to integrate other channels into your email content. According to some researches, by placing a simple social sharing button in your interactive emails increases the CTR 202%.

Engaging customers becomes more and more difficult. With email marketing you can personalize their entertainment by interactive content that successfully catches their attention. Afterwards, giving them opportunities to share their excitement on their social media platforms makes a great technique for spreading brand awareness.

6. Easy to Track and Measure

Measuring the results is essential when conducting any type of marketing. With email marketing analytics, you can easily measure your efforts and you can quickly act accordingly. The analytics gives you powerful asset to observe your viewers’ in-mail behavior. You can determine which users opened the email and which unsubscribed, what links they clicked on and if they made a conversion by taking the desired action. The gathered data from your tracking and measurements is significant for creating new strategies and improving the existing ones.

By using the proper email software you may also perform A/B testing. This provides you with valuable data about which elements of your email bring out the best results. For example, testing different offers to address the one that engages most customers. This is another reason why email marketing continues to be exceptional.

Don’t Underestimate the Longevity of Email Marketing

The first promotional email which was sent in 1978. resulted in unbelievable $13 million worth in sales. Since then, the advantages and possibilities of the email marketing channel haven’t stopped growing. It continues to deliver exceptional results when it comes to building customer relationships, engagement, conversion, and retention.

Knowing the importance of this channel, businesses must consider email marketing as an essential strategy to survive in the competitive digital world.

So, now that you figured out why email marketing is still worth taking seriously in 2019, it’s time to build your own strategy and grow your email list.

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Monika, Marketing Associate @ Essence of Email


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