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7 Ways to Make Your Transactional Emails More ‘Wow’

Transactional emails - Essence of Email

Transactional emails are hardly synonymous with a sense of excitement. This is why they are often overlooked by webmasters and marketers, despite attracting good open rates because they are fundamentally useful.

Stand out from your competitors, surprise your customers, and discover 7 ways to make your transactional emails more ‘wow’.

1. Invest In Design

Design is everything. And there’s no reason that your transactional emails shouldn’t receive the same design attention as the rest of your website.

It’s important to keep a consistent brand image across all of your website’s communications – transactional emails are no exception. By doing this, you will be adding to the strength of the brand you have already built.
Transactional emails are another tactic you can use to show your brand’s unique selling points. It’s essentially another marketing channel that you should pay design attention to.

This is really important for all web businesses, but even more so when the competition is high. For example, dropshippers will need to work that little bit harder to distinguish themselves from competitors selling the same products. Design is a great differentiator.

2. Pay Attention To Mobile

Did you know that email is not universally responsive?  Gmail, amongst other clients, will not render responsive design & content. This means you need to look at things like margins, setting the page width around 600px so that your email content will appear on most devices without the annoying need to scroll.

Why is this important? Mobile is huge. Without needing to look, we can guarantee a majority of your traffic comes from mobile devices. So, mobile is important for customer care and experience.

During your email design and building stage, make sure you’re testing across all devices. This includes desktop, tablet, and smartphone – including older, small smartphones and bigger, new ones.  Once you’re happy, create a template with your design and use it for all transactional emails in the future.

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3. Focus On The CTA

Every single communication your brand publishes needs a focused call-to-action (CTA). Again, this includes your transactional emails.

When creating transactional emails, focus on the CTA you are sending out. Make sure that the purpose of the email is clear, and you are giving your customers a clear action.  A clear next step will help them feel supported and cared about.

Whether this is leaving a product review, liking your Facebook page, or browsing recommended products, choose a CTA which you know will add value to your user experience and conversion rates.

4. Integrate Ecommerce Data

All businesses have valuable datasets — about their customers, products, competitors, and more. Make sure you are putting your data to work for you because the potential here is huge.

For example, we mentioned adding product recommendations as a CTA in transactional emails. If you run an eCommerce site, you can integrate customer data to make the most of your emails, including recommendations about other products your customers will be likely to like.

You can also integrate other forms of data from your eCommerce site, including reviews. These are particularly good for showing social proof, and you could offer incentives to encourage customers to leave a review by showing them that others already have…

5. Make The Most Of Personalization

In addition to integrating eCommerce data, incorporate further personalization into your transactional emails.
Personalization doesn’t have to be complex. Start with the basics – make sure you include the recipient’s name. This will help your email be delivered, and appeal to your customers on a basic human level.

Don’t forget other personalization techniques, such as the email’s sender details. Depending on your business, either send your emails from a real name & email address with a name, or from the brand & a branded email address that customers can reply to. Don’t use a generic “do not reply” email — it’s so impersonal and unfriendly.

6. Keep It Simple

When you are designing your transactional emails, remember to keep them simple. These are functional emails, not full-blown marketing emails, and succinctness is key.  

Your customers won’t necessarily pay attention to a long email; often, people scan the headlines and focus their attention on the main CTAs. These are important as we’ve already discussed, but there are further ways you can keep your emails simple.

Use headers with a combination of short paragraphs and keep content straightforward. Bullet points and buttons draw attention to key information, and further help make your transactional emails simple and engaging.

7. Not Just For Ecommerce

Whilst most people think of transactional emails as related to eCommerce websites, they are not exclusively used within this niche.  

So as a final point, it’s important to remember that transactional emails are not just for eCommerce websites. They are a useful tool for all websites.

A good example of this includes websites that collect an email address in exchange for an email download. As a webmaster, you could send an automatic transactional email to your user, using this as an opportunity to make that ‘wow’ impact.  

Another example of transactional email outside of eCommerce includes basic email sign-up forms. If your website provides the functionality for email sign-ups in your website footer, you can send automated, but personalized transactional emails when people submit their email address. Turn it into a good opportunity for another strong interaction between your business and its customers.

Wrap Up

Transactional emails sound boring and they often are. Many marketers overlook the potential they present. As we have seen, this includes the opportunity to build on your brand’s strong image, present a simple CTA, and integrate functional transactional emails with other elements of your website. By making the most of the opportunity transactional emails present, you can add that ‘wow’ factor and turn them into a successful element of your marketing strategy.

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Victoria Greene is an eCommerce consultant & freelance writer. On her blog, VictoriaEcommerce, she shares tips on eCommerce, digital marketing, and how writers can hone their craft. She is passionate about using her experience to help brands improve their marketing strategy.


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