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Cold Emailing: How to Get More Replies

cold emailing

As a part of the lead generation strategy, companies quite commonly consider cold emailing the best way to go. However, very often they quickly give up because it is very hard to get people to respond. Furthermore, aside from the fact that people don’t respond to those emails, they tend to delete them without even opening them.

Nevertheless, there are ways to avoid your cold emails getting ignored. Namely, there are some basic tips composed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) which should be practiced when sending cold emails to people because they increase the odds of getting a response.

One of the main goals of cold emails is getting engaged in a back and forth conversation with the recipients to see if they are THE ONES for our business. We prepared 6 tips to help you achieve this goal.

cold emailing

1. Do Some Research

What you want to do is ensure that you have done your research on the person you are reaching out to. By that, we mean that you know everything − information about them, their companies history, and pretty much all the info that you may find useful.

You don’t want to approach the person without knowing anything about them, right? Also, by including some background info, you make your emails seem more personalized, which is definitely the way to go.

2. Use Your Connections

So, you’ve done a bit of detective work on your recipients and you’ve learned a thing or two about them. It’s now their turn to learn something about you. Does that make sense?

It’s natural for them not to know who you are at first, since you don’t have any previous experience with each other. You’ll want to change that as it is more likely they’ll want to hear more from you if they have an idea of who you are.

What works best here is mutual contacts! If you know someone they know, or even better, if you work with someone they know or work with, it’s almost like they already know you.

3. Pleasure vs. Pain

Catch their attention. It is a fact that people would do way more to avoid pain than gain pleasure. Try to point out some types of pain your recipient is experiencing. If you can offer something to ease their troubles, make sure you tell them that.

This is one of the crucial points of your cold email because you want them to see why they need you. Otherwise, why would they care?

4. Keep It Short and Easy

Shorter emails stand a better chance of being read and replied to. That’s a home truth. Imagine you’ve just received an email that resembles an essay more than an actual email. You’ve just rolled your eyes, haven’t you? That is exactly the reaction you want to avoid when cold emailing people. Don’t make the person leave your email unread just because they have to invest more effort and time to look at what you have to say.

Also, there is really no need for you to use big, fancy words just to try and impress them. Keep it simple and always have a friendly note to your emails. As a matter of fact, just write as you would talk. It’s that easy.

When asking for a meetup or a call, they shouldn’t be burdened with having to think of the time and date. Give them the time that works for you. If they can’t make it, then ask them to come up with the time that is suitable for them.

5. Make Them Feel Good About Themselves for Helping You

If someone asked you for your help and you decided to go for it, you would feel like a good person, right? This applies to your recipients as well. By simply showing some gratitude for the person’s help instead of just saying “Thanks”, you will get more replies. This is only because they will want to help you.

Just remember, always give them an opt-out option! You are more likely to do something when you want it than you are when being pushed into it.

6. Remember to Always Make It Personal

As we said before, try personalizing your emails to each and every one of your recipients.

Using templates might not be the best option because there is no way you can avoid having a cold note to your emails, and trust me, you don’t want that. Even though templates are awesome when emailing wide masses, they are simply not the best option when you are reaching out to a specific person. Use templates as a starting point and tailor them as much as possible to make your email sound personal. 

cold emailing

We’ve gone through a few key points you should keep in mind when approaching potential customers, partners, or whatever you are looking for. Following these principles will help you get higher responsiveness from your cold emails.

FTC Rules

When sending cold emails to people, you need to follow the rules outlined by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). We’re going to help you out by breaking down the FTC rules and providing a few tips on how to write a cold email that will get you the response you were aiming for in the first place!

• Identify yourself − Make sure your “From” properly displays who you are.
• Use a subject line that represents what your email is about− Don’t mislead your recipients with subject lines that have nothing to do with the actual email.
• Identify your email as an ad if that is the case − Be sure you label your email as an advertisement if it is one.
• Include your business address − This has to be included, whether it is your PO Box or physical address. The best place to use it is your signature.
• Give your recipients an opt-out option − An “Unsubscribe” link should be included, but you can always go for something more personal. “Let me know if you don’t want to be contacted” or something similar works well, just make sure you are giving them an option.
• If they decided to opt-out, respect their decision − Make it easy for them to leave your mailing list and make sure they will be removed.
• Be aware of what others send on your behalf Keep in mind that, even if someone else is handling your email correspondence, you are still legally responsible for it. It’s a good idea to monitor what emails are being sent out on your behalf.

This was just a short breakdown of what rules you should follow to perform better in email marketing. You can read more about this on the official website on the Federal Trade Commission.

By all means, experiment and test out different things until you find the approach that works for you and your product best.

Happy Cold Emailing!

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Danica Tešić – Account Manager @ Essence of Email


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