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13 Examples of Amazing Cart Abandonment Emails

cart abandonment emails

Did you know that 75% of shoppers abandon their carts? This costs online retailers an estimated $260 billion in lost revenue every year.

People leave their shopping carts for a few reasons, including high shipping costs, high product price, website or payment issues, later consideration, and price comparison.

The thing is, about 75% of people who abandon their carts usually are about to come back, so if you’re not sending abandoned cart emails to remind them of you, you’re missing out on a serious amount of money.
Now let’s dive into some great examples of cart abandonment emails that really work!

1. Warby Parker

Warby Parker maintains their hip brand voice in this cart abandonment email. They also take the opportunity to alleviate a customer’s doubts with the risk-free returns policy.

cart abandonment emails

2. Made

This email from Made with a casual subject line “Btw – your shopping basket is still active“ reminds you that you’ve left items in your cart and evokes a feeling of urgency by letting you know that they can’t promise to hold your items forever.
cart abandonment emails

3. Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club is widely known for its excellent marketing. So it comes as no surprise that their abandonment cart emails are as good as they are.
The bear covering its eyes is eye-catching and will encourage recipients to read the email. The copy of the email is written in every day, a laid-back language which matches the company’s persona.
cart abandonment emails

4. Toms

Toms takes advantage of the sense of urgency to drive the people back to their cart.
cart abandonment emails

5. Bloomingdale’s

Another example of urgency/scarcity. Also, great styling of the fonts and email.
cart abandonment emails
cart abandonment emails

6. FiftyThree

They used big, bold, and catchy headlines, together with a short body, a quick question, and a thank you note. Even though the image of the item is a bit small, you can clearly see what is in your cart.
cart abandonment emails

7. Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal makes the font so irresistibly beautiful that you want to click on the “complete my order” button. Sometimes it’s good to be a bit nasty.
cart abandonment emails

8. Starbucks

Clever use of imagery to support the text.
cart abandonment emails

9. Millennium Hotels

This email reminds the potential customer what they had begun signing up for, and also provides the option to contact customer service for further assistance.
cart abandonment emails

10. Adidas

It’s not so easy to come up with a witty joke when people clearly know your secret intention is to make them buy. But if you manage to make the user smile or even laugh, you already have them on your side.
cart abandonment emails

11. Nordstrom

Interesting take by Nordstrom here with an eye-catching ink title and a simplistic copy.
cart abandonment emails

12. Banana Republic

First name personalization in this example from the Banana Republic.
cart abandonment emails

13. Serena & Lily

This last one combines the urgency/scarcity component along with the USPs and easing the consumer’s doubts with the return and shipping policies.
cart abandonment emails

Abandoned cart emails are easy to set up, and it should be something that every eCommerce shop owner does given the high abandonment rates. Learn from the examples above and get started on recovering sales today.
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