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How Online Stores Can Maximize Profits Using Annual Email Calendars

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Failing to plan your email marketing campaign is setting your company’s marketing strategy up to fail. Planning ahead will ensure you are organized for big holidays and events that will bring you maximum profit.

Email marketing accounts for over 7% of all eCommerce transactions, making it the second most effective marketing strategy, according to a study conducted by Custora. Make sure you are using the right email marketing strategy for your business (i.e. B2B or B2C), otherwise you risk poor engagement and wasted time. Drive your email marketing strategy above your competition through regular planning to create a solid annual email strategy suitable for your store.    

Capture your ideas: why create a content calendar?

Content calendars are the holy grail of any eCommerce store’s marketing strategy. Calendars enable your team to capture and orchestrate marketing campaigns to reach a wide range of people. Most companies will only plan for the month in advance, which leaves space for missed opportunities. Annual planning will push your online store beyond your competition, allowing you to stay ahead of the game.

  • Plan ahead so you never miss out on a special date or event that is coming up. Planning means you can delegate tasks and prepare for your next email marketing campaign well ahead of time
  • Measure success over the year to see what works well and what needs some improvement. Looking back at results from the previous year will help you to plan for the next. It’s a good way to track your progress and improve over time
  • Start producing your marketing or email content before it needs to be completed. An annual email plan gives you lots of time to prepare more advanced content (like video), which won’t work well if produced in a rush

Be prepared for the holiday season

We are all guilty of leaving plans for the holidays a little too close for comfort. And no doubt plenty of companies do the same. How much creativity will go into a piece of content that’s started on the 13th of February, ready to send out on Valentine’s day? Chances are, content produced this close to the holiday season will not yield great results. An email calendar will ensure your eCommerce store is always prepared and up-to-date with interesting content for around the busiest periods.

  • Ecommerce stores will make their most money during holiday seasons. Plan out all special holidays so you can stay organized and know when to prepare for upcoming events
  • Use free tools like Trello to create your annual email calendar. Teams can access your Trello calendar and add in any important dates that you may have missed. You can also set up automatic reminders so you never miss a day  
  • Annual email calendars are easy to integrate with your social media marketing strategy. Make sure they are both in sync with each other to increase reach and marketing power

Reward customers: sales and special offers

Encourage more sales using special offers and discounts. Small coupons like 10% or 20% off sales, or fixed discounts like free shipping, work well to give customers an incentive to shop. These are especially effective during the holiday season. Annual email calendars are really effective when planning the best time to offer store promotions and discount codes for customers because you can draw on previous data to show when users are most likely to use them.

  • Use your content and email calendar to plan the best time to run sales and offers. This way, you will be prepared to get the maximum return on investment. You can also track the progress of these sales and use this data next year
  • You don’t want to surprise customers with flash sales that they aren’t prepared for. Sales work well when customers know they are coming up. Give customers time to prepare for the sale via email updates and newsletters, to maximize conversions
  • Use your customer data strategically to manage offers. Users of store managers like Shopify are able to target specific customers that they wish to give a discount code via a direct email. You can target customers who have spent over a certain amount, or made more than one purchase, for example. Having an email calendar means you know when to target these users, rather than offering lots of different sales or promotional offers at once. Test out different strategies based on success rates

Speak to the experts

Sometimes, no matter how prepared you are for your email campaigns, growth can only come with the input of experts. Specialists can help you achieve your business’s full potential and maximize profits so that you can scale your online store. Get personalized advice to help create the perfect email marketing calendar for your company that gets results fast.

Taking the time to plan out your yearly email strategy means you never miss out on a key date for your eCommerce store. Planning ahead has so many rewards and it provides the basis for a great email marketing strategy. You can adapt and tweak the strategy as-and-when you need to so it’s flexible. How will you go about planning your annual email strategy for your eCommerce store?

Patrick Foster, eCommerce entrepreneur & writer
Patrick Foster is a freelance writer and contributor to multiple marketing and eCommerce blogs. He loves to share his expertise with other business, startups, and entrepreneurs.


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