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5 Emails That Turn Subscribers into Customers

Turn Subscribers Into Customers - nurture flow blog post

Once you get people to subscribe to your website, the next goal is to get them to make their first purchase. There are various email tactics to achieve this and turn subscribers into customers. At Essence of Email, we typically do a 5-email prospect nurture flow that attempts to get customers to make a purchase using various different tactics.

1. Welcome Email

The welcome email is the first email the subscriber receives and has 320% more revenue per email than other promotional emails.

Welcome emails are instrumental to your relationship with the customer, as they:

• connect customers with your brand, and invite them to join you on social media where the engagement will continue
• manage expectations, as to how often subscribers will hear from you
• and most importantly, get subscribers back to your store by offering some kind of incentive and using various calls-to-action buttons.

Check out our tips on how to create a highly effective eCommerce welcome email.

Welcome Email - Beginning of Nurture Flow

2. Product Feature Email

The product feature email is where you can feature your top-selling and popular products. With this email, we aim to persuade subscribers to purchase by directly displaying the top-selling products. It should be sent as a follow up to the welcome email, and it can also contain your positive product reviews. 

Product Feature Email - Step 2 of the Nurture Flow

3. Social Proof Email

The next email in your flow showcases other customers’ engagement with your brand. The purpose of the social proof email is to indirectly persuade your subscribers to purchase through using the principle of social proof. The email content can include social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc), customer testimonials and reviews.

Social Proof Email - How to Turn Subscribers Into Customers

4. Top Resources Email

The top resources email showcases your best content: blog posts, videos, podcasts etc. It aims “soft-sell”, so instead of directly calling for the purchase, we attempt to provide useful and engaging content, which in turn drives people to purchase.

Top Resources Email - How to Turn Subscribers Into Customers

5. Incentive Reminder Email

The incentive reminder email is the email at the end of the prospect sequence reminding the subscriber to use their incentive code shared in the welcome email. The purpose of it is to attempt to get prospects to purchase by using the incentive, plus to add a sense of urgency. The email content should include the incentive, a clear shop CTA and the expiration date (if available).

Incentive Reminder Email - How to Turn Subscribers Into Customers


We guarantee this nurture flow will drive sales for you and help you turn your subscribers into customers!

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