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10 Expert Email Marketing Tips That Get Results

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Even in 2019, email is still one of the best channels for grabbing your potential customers’ attention. Email marketing with its $38 ROI for each $1 spent is far more profitable than any other channel, including social media, affiliate marketing, and direct mail. We collected all sorts of email marketing tips and ideas from our top experts at Essence of Email to see what are the most effective email techniques in 2019. From list segmentation to personalization and send times of each email to re-sending and A/B testing – here is what they had to say.


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Xiaohui “X” Wang – Founder/CEO

“Pay attention to your send time strategy. If you time your email campaigns correctly, you can generate much higher opens, clicks, and conversion rates than blindly sending at an untested time.”

The sending time and sending frequency of your emails can have a big impact on the performance of your campaign.
It is important to know exactly when your target audience checks their emails. Also, don’t send your emails too often or too rarely. Aim to find the compromise between the two. In order to do that, see which segment can sustain higher, and which one lower frequency. You don’t want your subscribers to be fed up with you or to completely forget about you.

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Marija Pajković – Director of Client Services

“Test everything. Split testing send days and send times will help you determine when your audience is most active, but your testing should go beyond that. You should experiment with different subject lines, calls-to-action, hero images, body copy. Just remember to only test one of these elements at a time, in order to get a clear read on performance.”

Email A/B testing is one of the simplest and most valuable initiatives you can implement for your email marketing campaigns. Different A/B tests focus on improving different metrics, with the ultimate goal on generating more sales from the emails you are sending.

When running an A/B test, it is best to focus on one variable at a time, leaving all other elements unchanged. This way, you can clearly see what works better. It is always a good idea to start your testing with your email subject lines, email content, or sending time.

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Milica Paligorić – Account Manager

“Be aware that people usually don’t have the time to read your emails. Get to your point quickly, crop the copy to point out the essentials, and make sure your calls-to-actions are well-placed.”
Boomerang (a productivity software platform that syncs with Gmail) performed a study where they took data from over 40 million emails to determine the factors that led to getting responses.

They discovered was that there is a clear correlation between word count and response rate. In fact, emails with 75 – 100 words had the highest response rate – 51%. However, you are still in a good shape if your emails are bit above or below this range. So, if your emails are from 50 words to 125 words, you are still doing great, as the response rate is just one percent lower at 50%.

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Iskra Sekulovska – COO

“Let automated emails do the work instead of you. Email flows like Welcome Series, Cart Abandonment Flow and the like, boost email engagement and increase sales. Email flows drive 45% of the email revenue for Essence of Email clients, so time to set up yours too!”

One-off email campaigns and newsletters will always be a part of your email marketing strategy, but smart companies know that setting up automatic email campaigns that are triggered by a subscriber’s actions is a must.
Companies that automate emails are more likely to send messages that coincide with the purchase circle of their customers.

Automated emails (known as triggered emails, behavior-driven emails, or flows) are emails automatically sent by your email service provider in direct response to a subscriber’s specific actions on your website, for example, once they abandon a shopping cart, browse your website, or view a specific product.

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Maja Stojanović – Quality Assurance Lead

“A skillful copywriter is a must-have – an engaging copy with a sense of personal connection or puns related to your brand’s name will do wonders, but try to keep it short and straightforward. Additionally, try not to overload your emails with the recommended products you’re selling – up to 4 or 5 products per email is more than enough. Keep it neat and simple!”

Email copywriting isn’t just about improving the subject line, call-to-action, or the copy of an email. It’s about all of it in order to create emails that function as automated selling machines from the moment you click send.

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Stefan Milićević – Sales Associate

“Don’t just think about pricing! While the biggest concern the clients and customers usually have is how much something costs, your first thought should be “What can it do for me?”. In the end, even with a $100k invested in something, you’ll end up being a millionaire if the ROI is 10x. And guess what – Essence of Email has an average of 104x ROI across all our clients! That’s right, every dollar you invest gets you 104 dollars back. So, stop calculating and start investing, because you’re not just paying for email marketing services, you’re building a road to success.”

If you are measuring your revenue return for PPC, SEO, traditional marketing, etc., you need to start doing it for email too. According to Litmus’ 2018 State of Email Survey, only 30% of brands can measure the ROI of their email marketing efforts well or very well.

Having a proper business plan and measurement of all marketing channels will give you a clear vision where you need to invest more. In very short and simple words, ROI equals the revenue within a certain period (example: a month is a good metric) divided by the cost for that specific month.

ROI % = Revenue / Cost (Marketing Investment)

You can do the calculation per campaign, per automated email, per other specific emails, per segment, or other. You can learn more in our detailed blog post about it.

Essence of Email team member

Tina Hadžić – Account Manager

“Make email marketing work with the rest of your marketing channels:
• Use email to support your SEO activities and drive traffic to your blog
• Grow your social media presence to turn subscribers into followers
• Build up your online reputation by encouraging subscribers to leave reviews”

It is important to note that combining email marketing with other channels can skyrocket your marketing results. Rather than using it as an isolated tool, your marketing efforts will be far more successful if you properly integrate email marketing into as many inbound campaign channels as you can.

One option is integrating email marketing with social media by adding social sharing buttons to your emails, sending emails based on your social media insights, and growing your email list through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest).

Few other methods are integrating email marketing with your blog, your mobile marketing and your analytics.

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Milica Cvejović – Account Manager

“Plan your email marketing calendar ahead of time so everyone (coders, designers, copywriters, etc.) can prepare and execute all of their tasks with enough time left for any necessary edits.”

Failing to plan your email marketing campaign is setting your company’s marketing strategy up to fail. Planning ahead will ensure you are organized for big holidays and events that will bring you maximum profit.

Make sure you are using the right email marketing strategy for your business, whether you are a B2B or B2C, otherwise you risk poor engagement and wasted time. Drive your email marketing strategy above your competition through regular planning to create a solid annual email strategy suitable for your store.

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Jovana Vuković – Account Associate

“Track and test email performance results to continually boost ROI. Testing subject lines, CTAs, headlines, offers and abandonment emails, different design, etc. is the only way to know for sure what does and doesn’t work for your target audience.”

Cart abandonment is one of the biggest challenges that online retailers face, with 3/4  of customers walking away without ordering. On average, 67.91% of shopping carts are being abandoned, which means that only 1 out of 4 customers actually finish their purchase.

While it is impossible to convert all of the abandoned carts, there is definitely a strong possibility to recover a percentage of these abandoned carts by implementing a shopping cart abandonment email campaign. Learn more and get inspired by some of the best examples.

email marketing expert

Dejan Georgiev – Account Manager 

“List segmentation is a recipe to success. Focusing on subscribers who do engage will significantly improve deliverability, lead to better open rates, click rates, and a boost in ROI. Set up a regular schedule of emails and decide which of your personas should get which message. Don’t send everything to everyone.”

According to MailChimp, when the email lists are segmented, open rates increase by almost 19%, and CTRs by almost 22% compared to non-segmented sends.

Personalization is the purpose of list segmentation. Emails that go out to your entire list might help some people, but others will be left confused. By contrast, if you slice your email list into segments based on what you know about each user, like their buying habits, familiarity with your company, and professional background – then you send each segment of people based on personalized information.

The knowledge and expertise of our email marketing professionals combined into one service made ROI of up to 38x for our clients in 2018. Maximize your ROI by following their tried and true strategies – or, for professional assistance to boost your email marketing, book a free consultation with our experts.

What are your email marketing tips to increase sales?

Essence of Email team memberMonika Gaberova – Marketing Associate @ Essence of Email





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