Welcome to Essence of Email

Who We Are

We are a diverse community of process-driven experts who thrive on helping eCommerce brands grow their revenue with email marketing. We use our knowledge and skills to build successful strategies, solve technical problems, and create high-converting emails. We work remotely and we wouldn't change it for anything else.

Our Values

Champion's Heart
We constantly level up our game.

We do excellent work because performance matters.

We are resourceful because every problem can be solved.
Helper's Hand
We build people up rather than tear them down.

We always look for the win-win solution.

We are an inspiration to others through our words and actions.
Thinker's Mind
We speak our minds respectfully.

We make our own judgments and we back them up with sound evidence.

We remain curious and keep on learning.

Meet Our Team

  • Xiaohui "X" Wang
  • Heath Weaver
    Managing Director
  • Kristina Stankovic
    Executive Assistant
  • Monika Rybarczyk
    Head of Strategy
Strategic Email Marketing
  • Monika Rybarczyk
    Head of Strategy
  • Vladimir Bosheski
    Email Deliverability Lead
  • Sara Ratkajec
    Data Analysis Lead
  • Djordje Matovic
    Technical Campaigns Expert
  • Ljubomir Stevancevic
    Technical Flows Expert
Strategic Planning and Communication
  • Bojana Neškovic
    Financial Analysis Expert
  • Milica Cvorovic
    Talent Management Lead
  • Miljana Adamovic
    Talent Acquisition Expert
  • Dina Kulic Milenkovic
    Course Administration Expert
  • Sanja Ignjatovic
    SMS Expert
  • Stevan Stevanovic
    Technical Campaigns Expert
  • Marija Mihajlov
    Technical Campaigns Expert
  • Ivan Avramovic

    Project Manager
  • Valentina Ortego
    Quality Assurance Co-Leader (Trainee)
  • Natalija Lazarevic
    Quality Assurance Co-Leader (Trainee)
  • Milos Gavric
    Quality Assurance Expert
  • Vladimir Petrovic
    Call Reviews Quality Assurance Expert
  • Simona Gelova
    Editing Quality Assurance Expert
  • Quality Assurance Specialist
    Quality Assurance Expert
What Our Teammates Say ❤️
  • Normal working hours, the possibility to work from anywhere you want in the world, many paid days off, awesome team buildings, learning opportunities... the benefits of working here are just great! And the team is awesome and very cohesive. Everyone is friendly and open to meetups and having drinks. Overall, a great working environment! 🍻
    Vladimir Bosheski
    Deliverability Expert
  • Essence of Email is one of few companies that actually help and inspire people to grow and progress as both employees and human beings along the road. Great team buildings and one-of-a-kind co-workers you'll love to work with. Fully remote & great working hours is I'd say one of the best things about this job.
    Djordje Matovic
    Technical Campaigns Expert
  • I love how creatively driven everybody at Essence of Email is – it even makes my number-crunching job fun! As this is my first remote job, I was a bit scared about how I will fit in and get to know the people. With many online games, pizza parties, and video coffee breaks, it has been so easy making friends here! 😊
    Bojana Neskovic
    Financial Analysis Expert
  • What I love about working at Essence of Email are the endless opportunities for career change and growth. So far, I've changed four positions and got the opportunity to explore my passions on new levels 🚀 This, combined with working remotely, and pizza parties 🍕, makes it the best workplace ever!
    Sara Ratkajec
    Data Analysis Lead (Trainee)

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